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120 BBL VAC Trailer

Fully Self-Contained Units

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Vac Trailers at DenBeste Environmental Rental Equipment.


  • Length 42' Overall length
  • Barrel Single compartment, 16#/gallon max product weight, 200 degrees Fahrenheit max tem, 14.5 PSI
  • Shell/Heads .250 Carbon steel mill finish top shell. Heads D & F .250 carbon steel mill finish
  • Baffles (2) baffles, dished with straight flange
  • Manholes (3) 20" full opening on top
  • Frame Bolster saddle style with welded rails at subframes
  • Ladder/Walkway Non-skid stairway at rear driver side with handrails. Full width walkway galvanized steel on driver side. 3/4" handrail along outside of walkway.
  • Kingpin Plate Heavy duty bolt on 4" increments, 2" adjustments
  • Landing Gear 2-speed with sand shoes, curbside crank
  • Nosebox 7-way ATA connector and trailer gladhand connectors at front center
  • Lights Bells 12V LED. Right light box two lights per. Document holder on landing leg subframe, roadside, (2) work lights at rear top. On/Off switch at ground level.
  • Hose Trough (2) 5" full length with drains at rear. One mounted each side
  • Outlet (1) 6" x 90 degree outlet at bottom rear head with 6" butterfly valve and NPT flange.
  • Load Line 4" load line at rear extending into top interior with 4" butterfly valve and NPT flange
  • Primary Shutoff In front 20" manway, 3" port and 8" stainless steel float ball
  • Secondary 10 gallon moisture trap w/3" NPT thread ports
  • Bleeder Line 3" steel Bleeder line with 3" valve with rear linkage handle control
  • Gauges/Floats Rotary ball float type gauge with level indicator at rear head left side
  • Venting 1 1/2" pressure/vacuum relief valves at front top of trailer
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